Everyone Loves “Movie Night”

If you ask my kids what is the one thing they like to do as a family, they will say “Movie Night.” Whether it is seeing the latest Disney film at Xscape or a classic like “Karate Kid” on our couch at home, they relish that time together. And, I still remember movie nights with my own parents and brother growing up in Louisville. Film connects us.

Cinema is also great tool for learning about the world. At the Louisville Children’s Film Festival, we look for international stories with relevant themes for our world. Many films that we will be showing in our 2020 festival explore family life–across cultures and in its varied forms. Other films express a love of the natural world with beautiful cinematography that fills a big screen. All Festival films tell us their stories through the lens and wonder of children.

There is a little something for everyone. Our student interns this year are honing their skills as curators of a shorts program that includes stories of a 12-year old girl competing in Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting, a Yup’ik basketball player who travels across hundreds of miles of Alaskan tundra to compete in a tournament and a young high-wire performer in France.

My children are now at an age where they are studying media arts at school, thankfully! They can analyze the images that bombard them on their phone and i-pads. This is where the Louisville Children’s Film Festival comes in. Our program provides students an opportunity to interpret, evaluate and connect to film works.

Realizing our mission–to support the educational development of children in Greater Louisville– LCFF is proud to partner with the Gheens Foundation in creating a one-of-a-kind residency program in filmmaking at Western Middle School. And, LCFF’s second Young Filmmakers’ Contest will be kicking off later this month.

Come Louisville Children’s Film Festival in February 2020, we hope you will join us in the front row when the lights go down. Until then, stay tuned!