About LCFF

Our Mission

To support the educational development of children in Louisville, inspiring an opennessand curiosity about the world through the showing of high-quality, diverse films.

Film Criteria

The LCFF film selection committee sought films with content that speaks positively to children, youth and families of diverse ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. The Festival presents films that are entertaining and/or challenging to young minds with serious, true-to-life topics and narratives. 

Topics can span the entire range of emotions. LCFF includes foreign films with subtitles, documentaries, animation and even experimental films that might widen the perspectives of those who attend. Through the selected films we hope to demonstrate the artistry and craft of film-making and to provoke discussions about the stories.

Children have been an important part of LCFF from the get-go. 
Students from Kammerer Middle, Chenoweth and Hawthorne Elementary Schools have created videos for the festival. Other kids have participated in the review and selection of festival films.